M&A Advisory

  • Sell-side advisory services for large and medium sized companies
  • Advice on finding strategic partners and investors
  • Buy-side advisory services for investors when acquiring companies
  • Investor search for projects and start-ups
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Company valuation

  • Determining the value of the company, business shares or company assets
  • Advice on increasing the value of the company and preparing the company for sale
  • Private practice appraisal (e.g. law firm, medical ambulances, etc.)
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Management consultancy

  • Strategic consultancy for owners/shareholders of companies in management
  • Restructuring and change management
  • Design and implementation of the financial management, controlling and risk management
  • Real Estate - Corporate Real Estate Consultancy (Rental / Acquisition)
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Fundraising (Debt and Equity)

  • Designing an optimal financing model for a company or project (project financing)
  • Securing bank financing for companies and projects,
  • Securing venture capital, mezzanine, private equity, financial instruments from EU funds
  • Preparation of financial plan and feasibility study for financing purposes
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why buy or sell a company with us

We are not an advertising web

We provide comprehensive advice and individual approach. We will guide you through the entire sales proces, and each step you will be approving. But for small companies, we also provide a simplified approach.

Extensive investors database

We often communicate with foreign and domestic investors. We have extensive contacts and a database of not only financial investors, but also investors from individual sectors.

Know how and experiences

We have been working in international well-known consulting companies and investment banks. We have done a number of successful transactions in an international environment.


We rely on our good name and the trust of our clients. With our clients, we also sign a advisory contract with clauses on the confidentiality of the information provided.

You sell your company only once. Take advantage of our experience.

our team



We have gained experience in selling companies, valuing companies and reaching out to investors in prestigious projects in international consulting companies. In addition to acting in the field of transaction advisory, we also have many years of experience in various banking sector positions focusing on corporate banking and project finance.


Education and know-how

When working for our clients, we apply the know-how used by prestigious consulting companies. We are graduates of a university degree focusing on finance, banking and investment. We also hold diplomas from foreign business schools. During our practice, we have also completed a number of professional training abroad, London, Frankfurt and Vienna.


M&A Advisory

  • Machinery: Advising on the sale of a 100% share of metalworking supplier for automotive industry
  • Internet: Sale side advisory for e-commerce company & local market leader - web portal segment
  • Banking: Due-diligence of the local bank and buy side advisory for well known banking group
  • Publishing: Sale side advisory for publishing company focused to Architecture and Construction

Valuation and Fairness opinion

  • Software: Valuation of shares of global player in the area of antivirus software
  • Media: Valuation of the biggest TV broadcasting group in CEE
  • Construction materials: Valuation of shares of the company producing cement
  • Insurance: Valuation of shares of insurance company
  • Hotels: Purchase price allocation of hotels in High Tatras

Management consultancy

  • Leisure: Prepering financial analysis and business plan of Aquapark for EU fund application
  • Machinery: Support to the bank in restructuring of Tier 1 supplier for the automotive Industry
  • Energy: Implementation of risk management for a energy trader and local market leader
  • Telecommunications: Formal restructuring of the slovak branch of the global telco company

Fundraising (Debt and Equity)

  • Real estate: Bank financing of the multifunctional and residential project in Bratislava
  • Energy: Acquisition bank financing of portolio of photovoltaic power plants
  • Healthcare: Acquisition financing of the second largest network of medical diagnostic laboratories
  • Radiodiagnostics: Acquisition financing of the network of magnetic resonances and CT devices

they said about us

We appreciate the trust of our clients.

news, seminars and new blogs


Valuation workshop with prof. Damodaran

On 13th-15th June 2018, valuation workshop with world-renowned professor Damodaran from Stern Business School New York organized by American Society of Appraisers Europe (ASA) took place in Prague.

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New blog about disclosing information when selling a business

How to protect sensitive data and business secrets in the company's sales process? How to prevent misuse of information provided to the buyer? We try to answer all addressed questions in the new blog.

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Workshop Mergers & Acquisitions

For the owners and managers, we are preparing a full-day workshop "Mergers & Acquisitions" in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer. We provide comprehensive information on the process, valuation and legal aspects of the company's sales. You can subscribe at

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A new blog about the company's sales process

In the new blog, we describe what is the standard process of selling a business in an international environment from investor identification to successful transaction closing.

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Disclosing information when selling a business

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